Professional Creds

I’m a researcher/writer/trainer/facilitator/consultant on the attitudes, values and behaviors that drive innovation, adaptability and personal effectiveness. My work weaves a thread through diverse fields of research and application that include cognitive psychology, complexity theory, creativity, education theory, organizational development and philosophy of science.

I deliver keynotes and seminars throughout the U.S. and abroad to clients that range from Fortune 100 companies, to government agencies and non-profit associations. I’m also doing private research to advance and refine the concepts and strategies that I explore.

My research has led to the creation of the Stauffer Iterative Thinking Assessment (SITA) a psychometrically validated self-assessment instrument that measures the personal attitudes, beliefs and behaviors that drive innovation and adaptability.

I’m a former journalist and the author of two books, most recently: Thinking Clockwise, A Field Guide for the Innovative Leader (Minneapolis, MinneApplePress 2005)

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