Origins of this Blog

This blog is a (long overdue) extension of a newsletter on leading innovation that I began sending out several years ago. I call it The Z-zine of Innovation Leadership for obscure reasons that don’t matter much now.

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  1. Dennis Stauffer says:

    Sure, you have my permission to use anything in the blog archives, up to and including current posts. Please use the following attribution:

    Dennis Stauffer is an innovation expert who works with individuals, teams and organizations to boost their capacity to innovate, with a focus on tbe human side of innovation. He delivers innovation keynotes, seminars and coaching internationally, based in part on his own research into the mindset of succsessful innovators.

    Please also link back the blog or the Innovator Mindset site. Those links are:


    Dennis Stauffer, Chief Innovator

    Innovator Mindset

    18300 34th Ave. N.
    Minneapolis, MN 55447

    Office: 763-744-1036 (USA)
    Mobile 612-619-0694 (USA)

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